PSD to HTML5 using Bootstrap 4

by Posted on January 15, 2019

PSD to HTML5 using Bootstrap 4

PSD to HTML5 using Bootstrap 4 is very important. When we start a new job we need to create a website and for that reason, we create a website with HTML. We collect PSD form designer and sometimes we collect PSD or design form premium website. Also, you are interested to learn PSD to HTML for freelancing I hope this video also can help you. I think my this tutorial can help you in that case.  In this tutorial, I tried my best to explain all about PSD to HTML5 conversion with Bootstrap 4.0. I used here fontawsome icon and also google font. I hope this video will helpful for you. What you think to leave a comment.

  PSD Download Link: ===========================================================… Download Bootstrap: ============================================================… HTML5 Boilerplate ============================================================= Font Awsome: =============================================================== Google Font: ================================================================… Free Banner Image: ====================================================================

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